8 Effective Treatment Strategies To Finally Overcome An Addiction

Overcoming an addiction is difficult even for the strongest of people. Cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational interviewing, and family therapy are often the first strategies people and health
care professionals use to treat addiction. However, these treatments may not be enough to help people fully recover from an addiction. Instead, many people need a combination of drug therapy and
additional support strategies. Here are eight effective support strategies that can help people overcome an addiction.

Motivational incentives involve rewarding people for good behaviours, such as passing drug screening tests. By replacing the biological reward of consuming a
substance or engaging in a compulsive behaviour with a reward for performing desirable behaviours, it is possible to curb an addiction and reach sobriety milestones. Some people are able to use
this strategy on their own. However, it is typically more effective when someone else delivers the incentives and tracks progress. The rewards can take many different forms, including benefits,
privileges, money. Studies show that monetary incentives are highly effective for treating drug and alcohol addictions. Generally, the larger the incentives are, the more effective the strategy

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